Ukrainian music band YEYO.

YEYO. is a Ukrainian music band from Kiev. They tell us about themselves and people around, who were born in post-Soviet Ukraine. Contrasting and putting electronic samples with live drums and vocal screams, they tell stories about adult children, who grew up surrounded by panel houses and Soviet wardrobes. The band was formed in 2016. It consists of Kateryna Ofliian (vocal), Ihor Biriuchenko (drums), Zakhar Borysenko (bass). Genre — experimental pop.


The lyrics touch upon different aspects of a person’s social adjustment. A lot of songs are about men and women and their part in each other’s lives, interpersonal relations. The songs are in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

There are lots of references to the Ukrainian and world cultures. A song "Kateryna" retells a story of Shevchenko’s Kateryna. There’s a connection with Tina Turner’s hit "The best" as well as Tom Jones’s "Sex Bomb", and a chorus from Leontovych’s "Shchedryk" in a song "Wake Up".

YEYO. lyrics refer to nostalgic memories and a state of modern reality. A careful listener will hear feminist vibes and a rejection of an "odd" personality by society.

"In the harsh feminist lyrics, she compares herself to soldier Jane and explains that you need to fight back against your offender. National distinctiveness doesn’t catch the eye as much as through changed perception of a vile post-Soviet reality. But it isn’t perceived as previously described hell, it is a point of personal growth and a battlefield". —

"They’re progressive, fashionable, and exciting, just like a re-emergent Kyiv, all while making some of the most interesting music videos you’ve yet to see!" — Post Pravda Magazine

The trio from Kiev have played together only for several years, they are considered as a hope of Ukrainian music. The songs are in three languages, they have an unusual approach to the sound, their music is very beautiful and distinctive." — The Flow

"It is one of the most original bands which appeared in Ukraine over the past years." —